We want your designs on our walls.

For real.

Thru the end of May, we will accept ALL designs and literally put them on our wall.

Here's how it works. We have a host of Silantra-characters that we launched with who exemplify our fun, sophisticated, organic brand that you know and love. (The image posted here is the one on our t-shirts.) All we are asking from you is to design your version of AT LEAST ONE our characters - and to submit them in the correct file format by May 31 - and you will be included!

We will take ALL properly formatted characters and design floor-to-ceiling vinyl wall wraps to completely cover the inside of our store... and your design will be there forever!

Make your mark in Lancaster! 

To be included in our new interior design makeover - you must:

  1. Design at least 1 of the characters below.
  2. Submit each file as an .eps / .ai / .png
  3. Each character must have an all-black, all-white, and color (optional) version
  4. Submitted by midnight on May 31st

That's it! By submitting your designs, you give us the right to use them in our new makeover coming in May - on our walls, website, and menu... and to brag about how awesome you are :)

Email a .zip of your files to


FOOD AND CHARACTERS to choose from

(must submit at least 1)

- chicken

- cow

- peppers

- onion

- broccoli

- carrot

- lettuce

- mushroom

- cilantro

- pig

- baby chicken

- edamame beans

- seaweed

- spinach

- bing / scallion pancake

- shrimp

- tofu

- cabbage