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At Silantra, we believe in using fresh ingredients from local farms and companies whenever we can. We have a simple concept -- take the best ingredients and classic recipes from traditional Asian dishes, simplify and turn them into bites of freshness, and allow you to pick and choose what you want in your Silantra scallion pancake wrap or bowl.



Sam — Former VC guy and engineer, now a soon-to-be-father and part genius, part master chef.

Cindy — Former consultant and business owner, her smile won't fade from your memory as she loves to listen, serve, and she's a soon-to-be momma!

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Sam and Cindy came up with their idea back in college at Penn State University. They saw a missing link connecting Chinese cuisine and healthy food. After graduating, they pursued their career paths. 

In 2015, these two love birds came together to make their college vision a reality. Inspired by street kitchens all over Asia, they decided to bring a version of the fast casual dining experience to the streets of Lancaster to start. 

With a passion for food and for giving back, Silantra gives 100% of its tips to local nonprofits selected by staff and community members.

Eat more.

Give more.

Live more.



"This is real life. This is a real place." — The Collage Reporter

"Silantra offers fresh approach to Asian cuisine. " — Lancaster Online

"Food is their passion, making the world a better place is their motivation " — Spoon University

"Not your average Asian restaurant. " — Blue Ridge 11