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30+ nonprofits

Each month since we began, we chose a non-profit organization that we felt passionate about and we gave 100% of our tips to help them. Each of the organizations had a specific project that was scalable.


Starting April of 2018, we will be using all our tips to purchase food items to donate to selected local non-profits that have a mission on combating hunger, with a strong focus on helping the youth. We are most passionate about and believe that children should lead healthier lives and that no one should go hungry.


The data shows that one out of seven people suffer from hunger and food insecurity in our country. In the wealthiest and most food-plentiful country in the world, every child should have a full plate of nutrition to help them be more focused and ready to learn. 




Bench Mark Program is a strength based family of mentors who use exercise, academic support, and career counseling to propel at-risk youth toward success. We are going to use our tips to purchase protein powder and other healthy foods for the at-risk youth at Bench Mark Program.


A lot of our chosen projects are based out of Lancaster, PA. We have chosen to work with mainly local residents and non-profits so we can focus on building and bettering our community.

Check out some of our Recent nonprofits: